Friday, May 16, 2008

Greetings From Mas de la Croix

Wonderful first day. There was an amazing storm last night. Hail covered the ground. We were tucked in safe and happy having arrived in Figeac after 4 hours in Atlanta, 10 on the plane, 4 in Paris, 1 on another plane to Toulouse, 4 there waiting for the train, 1 to Gaillac, & there waiting for another trqin, and then the final train for 2 hours to Figeac. We had a quiet dinner with French wine, and started walking today. The morning was super nice, and we got to test our raingear all afternoon. It works, except my shoes are less than perfectly waterproof in real rain.

Wonderful. I am eager to post photos and recordings. We are recording when greqt things happen so you will heqr our real-time thoughts when I post.

A bientot.

Sorry about the French keyboard. It reqlly is not errant typing causing weird letters to appear.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Peg, it's Connie. Wow - just 25 hours to get there. Smile. I would have needed more than a bottle of wine to get up and walk the next day. Anxious to read/hear your blogs. I can't imagine the "trail" - is it wooded, farms, a road, no road, hilly???? Do you see other hikers? Cars? Fill us in.