Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Report from Gayfie

We had a hard day of hiking on Saturday. Still we had many good experiences on our very hard day.

Walking from Beduer, we saw many old stone granaries, like the one in the photo. Wow! We also wanted to show a couple of pictures of how the trail looked in different parts of the walk from Beduer, up and down many hills on the way to Cajarc where we had a well-earned lunch of pizza and beer, and on into Gaillac, where we finally gave out and called the folks at Gayfie to come drive us the last 2.5k (1.5 miles) up the mountain to the Domaine de Gayfie where we had reserve a cabin. It was the first time we had tried to use our new European phone and we were too tired to get past the learning curve, but a woman in Gallaic took pity on us, filled our water bottles, and let me use her phone. An angel!

The sheep came charging out of the woods along the trail as we hiked. Based on all the grass around its neck, we guessed it had quite a run to get to where we were.

The town in the overview is photo is Cajarc, from atop one of the many hills we climbed over on our way to Gayfie, thus wearing us out way too much for us to trudge up that final 2.5k. Pretty though, isn't it?

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