Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Report from Limogne 2

The photos show the Market that we visited in Limogne to buy cheese for the trail, and our room at the chambre d'hotes. At this nice place we had a shared bath, and a nice room and a good petit dejeuner in the morning to start us on our next day's trek. A French couple we had met along the trail earlier in the day shared the bath with us.

The cross at the crossroads was typical of many we saw along the Chemin in France. Notice the white and red mark in the left corner of the stone wall on which the cross is set. Those were the trail markers that we followed all the way through France. They were blazed on trees, posts, road signs, and all sorts of other permanent places along the way. To warn you from making a wrong turn, a red mark and a white mark would form an X to say "Don't come this way"!

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