Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Our training ended yesterday. Our mileage records differed slightly because Peg opted for yoga on some days when I decided to walk. I started sometime before October, but only began keeping records on January 8. Also, I actually walked farther than the records indicate because I did not regard walks shorter than 2 miles as legitimate training. With those limitations, the miles between January 8 and May 12 come out to 457.5. It sounds like a lot, but seems less impressive when one considers that we will be walking 140 miles in just about 2 weeks.

Our packing involved a great deal of thought, and some last minute adjustments. Our current scheme has our backpacks and most essentials packed into two duffel bags that we believe we will be able to carry on board and our belly packs. Trekking polls, knives, scissors, liquids, and some less essential things are in a very old duffel that will go into checked baggage, and will be discarded when we begin our hike. Getting home after all is finished will be another story, but we will be less concerned about the effects of lost or delayed luggage.

So after months of preparation, all we have to do now is rely on our muscles, our limited language skills, our ingenuity, and I hope a calm and relaxed approach and willingness to go wherever the Camino takes us.

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