Friday, May 30, 2008

Walking along the ridges of the Pyrenees

A gorgeous day of sunshine! We walked from Roncevalles to Zubiri, about 13 miles. It was still uphill and down, in the mountains, although we got over the peak the day before. So beautiful, being on a ridge and looking over at the tops of the other ridges, right at our level.

Tonight we have a fourth floor walk up room, shared bath. But only 27 euros :) The auberges are 60 bunk beds to a room, for 5 euros. Not brave enough!

Now we are having a beer and talking to the other pilgrims. This is a great experience. On to Pamplona tomorrow.

The photos show:
  • Russ crossing the medieval bridge that led us into Zubiri
  • A crowd of pilgrims gathered at a breakfast spot a few miles after we left Roncesvalles
  • Several views from along the ridge-top trail between Roncesvalles and Zubiri


Mrs. Tellez said...

Cousins, Mom and I have really enjoyed your adventures through your audio postings and blogging.
The pictures you have posted are also wonderfukl to see. Looks like you made good use out of those riancoats. Can't wait for your next post.
Karen and Aunt Pat

Phyllis Hall Haislip said...

Russ, Peg we are back on the road again, staying at the sane chambre de hotel in Mas de Croix near Buer
Our hostess cqlled up your blog from your first night on the chemin, More if we ever get to q computer this is the first time we hqve seen your blog.