Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Camino hike finished; Off to Madrid and Barcelona for a few days

After a restful, rainy night in our hotel in the Pamplona suburb of Burlada, we took off by train for Madrid to meet our friends, Arnold and Ismini. We had several restful days of sightseeing, good food-wine-cheese, and fun you can only have with good ole friends.

Madrid is lovely to visit...bustling, clean, full of parks and ornate buildings. Barcelona is as nice. Full of young people...more young people than any of the other places we have been in France or Spain. Vibrant and eclectic.

AVIS caused us more than a little grief on the trip between the cities. More to come on that!

The photos show:
  • Peg (with no backpack!)at the train station in Pomplona
  • All of us learning to be really angry with AVIS along the route to Barcelona.

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