Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Camino Day 11 to O Cebreiro

Today, our 11th day of walking--out of 22 days planned, was momentous for other reasons. It also marked our half-way point in terms of distance to Santiago, and incidentally was our 14th day of 28 devoted to the Camino. If these weren´t enough in terms of milestones, we finished what is reputed to be the most strenuous leg of the Camnino, and passed from the Kingdom of Castilla-Leon to the Kingdom of Galicia.

The climb (probably a total close to 1,000 meters or approximately 3,000 feet in elevation climbed) was difficult, but we did well and felt very good about it. O'Cebreiro is charming, though cold, and we post this message as we sip glasses of excellent local wine.

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