Friday, May 29, 2009

Camino Day 13 to Samos

The day started with breakfast with Olga, our hostess at the casa rural in Triacastela. She told us that the "casas" have been completely full every night in May. Some places have remained at the albergues, but no private rooms have been free at the end of the days. Spanish stay more in the albergues, she said, and May is a month for foreigners. They stop coming until about September.

Sun and mountain breezes, panoramas and bucolic trails highlighted our ascents and descents today. We followed the Rio Oribio all the way. Really, really pretty.

Samos has a HUGE monastery, with a grim albergue/dorm. We did not stay there...although we saw that two baby pilgrims were staying there...correlation?... not really.

We spent the afternoon at the Cafe/Bar rehydrating and enjoying some Irish pilgrims at the next table.

We washed hiking pants and shirt, pinned them with handy/dandy safety pins to the curtains, and dangled them out the window to dry...worked great! good day.

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