Saturday, May 30, 2009

Camino Day 15 to Morgade

The sun gods continue to smile on us, in fact it is hot enough to be Florida...pushing 90 degrees today, we´d guess. This part of Spain, Galicia, has Celtic history and we are told looks something like Ireland. It is green and usually wet, happily not this week. There are many, many family farms. The fields are marked by stone fences. People are working the fields...hoeing and weeding and transplanting. We passed one old couple weeding and drinking red wine.

We chatted with a Spanish woman tending her cows. She told us about her church, which we had just visited. It is romanesque and very beautiful in its simplicity. When the Feast of Santiago comes in July, pilgrims come from all over to the church. The alberque isn´t big enough, so they camp in the fields. She loves meeting all the foreigners.

Another woman tried to get Peg to put on long sleeves against the sun. She said her skin was too white and would get ugly and fall off...mostly that was in effective pantomine. She asked if we´d been to Puerto Rico and then showed us how they dance there, twirling Peg around the street while singing. We told her we were from Florida and her grandson said...Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse! She loved that.

Our Pension in Sarria turned out to be the 3rd floor of an apartment building, Sarria being a pretty big city. Our room was colorful and quiet. Nice.

Morgade is a "town" of ONE house and that is where we are staying. It is a lovely spot in the middle of green fields...lots of nice pilgrims including a 74-year old woman from England who is walking with a slightly younger French woman...the mother of her daughter´s husband. They walking from Normandy...2000 kilometers. The French woman did it alone two years ago!

Happy trails, great views.

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