Monday, May 25, 2009

Camino Day 8 to Ponferrada

Last night, in Acebo, we saw many related little dogs wandering around. At 2 in the mnorning one decided to bark...for about an hour, until a big wond storm came through which took over the task of keeping us awake. The weather changed with the wind, although there seemed to not be a lot of rain. It was impressive sounding, even in our very old stone room. The innkeeper predicted a day of rain for us, but lucky for us he was wrong. We started with jackets, and shed them at breakfast 2 hours later. We walked 10 or 11 miles in steep downhills, losing about 2000 feet of elevation. On a very narrow steep rocky path, in a string of 20 or so pilgrims, we were met by a bike team coming up the hill...about 100 of them! We did our best to climb the walls of the path and avoid being run over or hit by flying stones from their wheels. They were greatly struggling to stay on their bikes and not have to walk. It was a long, long wait for them to pass. Arriving in Ponferrada, we came up a hill, around a corner, and there rose in front of us the huge Castle of the Knights Templar. Quite a sight to see.

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