Thursday, June 4, 2009

Camino Day 20 to Arzua

Happy BIG 60, Bro!

Another day of clouds, but not the cold fog so it has been lovely. A bit of sun has broken through now in the afternoon. However tomorrow and the next day are 60 % chance of rain, so our ponchos will be at the ready.

Today´s woods are more eucalyptus and pine, rather than oak and chestnut. The trails are still through woods. There were several rivers so we went down and then up but gently, for the most part. Nine miles today. We had coffee in a town where medieval pilgrims used to bring limestone rocks from the Triacastela quarry to be turned into cement for the building of the cathedral in Santiago.

Second stop was at a beautifully restored 15th Century pilgrim hospital. We had juice and met Belgian pilgrims we´ll meet later today for a drink.

Generally fewer pilgrims. The ebb and flow of the numbers is puzzling.

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