Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Leaving Jake :(

We are bringing a back pack and belly pack for each of us and checking through a duffel with non-carryon items. They will be dispersed to our packs on arrival and the duffel will tuck away until the return. 

Hate to leave Jake, even though people and animals he loves will be with him.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Peg and Russ,

Thought of you this afternoon while working on my Pilates and realized you were on your way!!!!
Excited for you - we are doing all the final little last minute purchases as well - plastic clothes pins, liquid skin, etc.

We leave in 6 days - a little nervous but I'm sure we'll be fine once we get started. Adding you name to our Camino email list.

Buen Camino, Blanche