Monday, September 10, 2012

Caceres is more human-scale than Sevilla

We are enjoying Caceres even more than Sevilla. Sevilla had so many tourists it was overwhelming. After the long wait in line to get in the cathedral, we had no energy for another line. We just walked and soaked up the feel.

Caceres is smaller and has a picturesque historic district. Everything is closed because it is Monday, but the photos will give you a sense of why we really like it here.

The one looking through an arch and down into the Plaza Mayor shows our lovely little pinkish hotel.

BTW, we begin our walk tomorrow. The route of our bus ride yesterday followed the Camino route, more or less. We could follow along in our guide and were glad to cover the first several hundred parched and hilly miles in a bus, not on foot.

The weather has been the 70s early and later, and no more than mid 80s at the warmest. Best of all...sunny!

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