Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We hit the trail today

After nice decompression days in Seville and Caceres, today we started hiking. We chose a short day...about 7 miles.

Our packs feel pretty good, with our efforts to keep them light. The temperature was in the 70s at first and probably never above the low 80s, although it felt hot in the wonderful sun.

The walk out of Caceres was leisurely...along sidewalks, past gardens and parks and the bullfight arena. Then along a lovely promenade. Until...wham...dumped onto the 18 inches outside the white side line on a road where they all drove about 60 mph. Not fun.

In a couple of miles we were to turn onto a dirt road. Alas several nervous, hobbled horses had first dibs. We chose the fast drivers over the antsy horses. We were able to scramble to the dirt road after a ways and it redeemed the way.

The terrain is spent, scorched, brown, shale-embedded, strangely appealing.

We noticed lots of poop, not from horses...small, like deer or sheep. Then we saw a hare. It was quite a sight hop/running across the field. Given the amount of poop, there must be many hares.

Arriving about 2:00 in Casa de Caceres for the day, we met two local men who directed us to the albergue, except they couldn't agree on the directions. Also I think they thought I have big feet. They kept pointing to my boots and talking about Zapatos grandes.

We found the albergue. In the first room there were 4 bunks beds. They were so close the middle two were pushed together like a double bed. The 'aisles' between the 'double' and the 'singles' on either side were about 18 inches. We might have stayed except the 4 showers were right next to the first bunk bed...perhaps 2 feet from it. How would you not get wet in your bunk? How would the showeree not be showing you more than you wanted to see?? Room 2 was about the same.

Dang I wish we'd taken photos! But leaving was on our minds.

We found a nice Casa Rural with a pool. I swam in my Hiking shorts and sports bra. Much nicer than the shower experience I foresaw if we stayed at the albergue.

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kelli said...

Sounds like the decision of wise and experienced peregrinos. I am looking so forward to hearing more!