Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lascabanes, Escayrac, and Montcuq

Getting internet connection has been much harder than expected. But we finally got on line in Montcuq and are able to post this note to say we are finding the experience fantastic, even when it rains as it is today. The whole experience is totally cool.

 The photos show Russ at our lunch spot in Lascabanes, a couple of views from the lovely walk between L'Hospitalet and Escayrac, the main street of Escayrac, the living room of the place we stayed in Escayrac, as well as the outdoor kitchen where we had dinner and breakfast, the arrival of the bread truck, and the gathering clouds as we walked out of the lovely place on Saturday morning.

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Dianne said...

Bonjour Peg and Russ!
We are thoroughly enjoying reading/listening to your adventures - it is second only to being their ourselves. Happy Hiking!
Dianne and Don