Monday, May 26, 2008

Montlauzun, Saint Martin, and Moissac; Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Soon after we left Escayrac, the rains began in earnest. The French call the kind of mud that we trudged through "la boue amoureuse" but we didn't love it even if it loved us!

The photos show:
  • the rainy skies over Montlauzun, which is not called "mont" for no reason!; 
  • a steep, waterlogged part of the trail; 
  • beautiful Montlauzun views both in the afternoon when we arrived and in the morning with the fog; 
  • Peg stuck in the mud in her blue rain gear and showing off her mud-caked shoes; 
  • Russ walking on the muddy trail with poppies matching his rain gear; 
  • an interesting building along the trail; 
  • the outside and the dining room of the place we stayed in Montlauzun; 
  • a wheat field;
  • donkeys in the fog on our way to Saint Martin; 
  • the foggy morning view of the cross as we left Saint Martin, still in the rain; 
  • the cloister at Moissac; 
  • the blue door to our room at the funky chambre d'hotes in Moissac owned by an Irish couple with a teething baby;
  • breakfast with the owners and other pilgrims in Moissac; 
  • and, Russ muddy boot with a big split where the upper leather separated from the Vibram sole.

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