Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Report from Cahors 3

The photo shows Peg on the trail out of Cahors on Thursday morning. You saw the photo of the steep hill into town. Naturally, there is also a steep hill out the other side. We thought about taking the less steep route that pilgrims with donkeys or horses or bikes follow. We walked along about a quarter of a mile and were stopped by a post man who insisted that we were going in the wrong direction and needed to go back and up the hill. Just in case he was right, we did. In the picture Peg is climbing near the top of the "route sportif."


Kathleen S. Kelly said...

Dear Peg & Russ,
George and I just got back home from Baltimore. I have not been able to listen to your recorded entries because something is wrong with my computer's sound device. George is going to try to fix it for me. From the typed entries on your blog, it looks like your ADVENTURE is going well! Hope you are enjoying yourselves. See you soon.

Jo said...

Hi Peg & Russ,
Been having fun keeping up with your adventures. Como esta el vino? Happy Hiking, Jo & Mikan of Blues Creek

Anonymous said...

It's Pam. If I didn't say it before...ya'll are SO cool and I love you!