Friday, September 14, 2012

A Challenging, Enjoyable Walk for a Friday

As hoped we found good picnic food for dinner and avoided the hostal with a less than great recommendation.

We were on the trail at first light. We had a hard climb up a rocky trail early when we were feeling refreshed and strong. At the top was a pretty pine woods. We walked in shade! Lovely and a bit less brown and sun scorched looking.

Soon we entered into a cork oak woods where the bark has been harvested. Miles of trees growing their bark back.

Down through a dry creek, across a wet one, and finally up a narrow trail into Grimaldo, a tiny town.

We decided to hop a bus for 3€ and spend a day or two in the historic little city of Plasencia. Now we are resting in a 4* hotel...pilgrim priced at 75€. Later we'll see what this place has to offer.

In no order I can control the photos show: Our picnic dinner. The trail at day break. The cork oak woods...note how they harvest off the bark. The black is new bark growing back.

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