Thursday, September 13, 2012

Left Early...Stopped Early

We have had no connectivity for almost two days and are catching up on posts now that we are on wifi.

Yesterday we walked about 8 miles, although we'd planned on about 12. We left at sunrise to catch the cooler weather.

On Day 2, when we were too hot and having to walk along a highway, (again!) we decided to hug the rocks of a road cut to rest in semi shade. Alas, we both lost our balance and fell in the ditch. No real harm but I twisted my knee and it hurt more today than when it happened so we shortened our day.

This route is not well marked, like the one we hiked before. Worse, Spain is building a railway in the area and the Camino is right along the construction.

Today the ill-marked trail led us up to a dead end with a precipice into a construction canyon big enough to hold a major railroad. We retraced our way and could see no solution to getting across. A Camino Angel, taking the form of a young heavy equipment driver, told us to go ahead and walk across the construction. Holy Cow! Imagine the liability issues at home.

Arriving here in Canaveral, we found a casa rural on the main square. Lovely room in a very old building. And a welcome big old bath tub just perfect for tired bodies.

Later, when the stores open after siesta, we hope to find cheese and sausage and bread to have a picnic in our room instead of a pilgrim dinner. Our guide says the only restaurant that is open today has awful food.

I do not know in what order this iPhone app will post the photos but what you should see is Russ adjusting his walking sticks in front of the albergue yesterday morning and him walking the dawn-lit trail. The precipice above the construction and Russ walking in it after we found our way. Pretty white Canaveral in the distance from the trail as we got a few miles away. And a couple of photos at the casa rural La Posada. 

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