Saturday, September 22, 2012

Longest Hike Ever, Not on Purpose

Friday we hiked about 20 miles. We know other pilgrims regularly hike that far...but never before, and never again we hope, do we.

We planned to hike about 12. The owner of the casa rural where we stayed in San Pedro said there were 2 villages at about 11miles distance. Each was about .5-1 miles off the Camino but one had no accommodations. So she reserved us a room in the other.

We should know better than to trust a non-hiker when it comes to distances. After walking about a mile, the village was still far over the hill before us. We retreated to the Camino.

A sign for the other town said it had a lodging. We headed off route a second time. In about .5 miles another sign had the lodging crossed out. Back to the Camino and onward into Salamanca...about 3 miles to the edge of town and about 2 more to get to the city-center. Then we walked in circles until we found our B&B, which is very nice and had a room even though we were not reserved until Sat.

The morning's walk was great. The afternoon was nice, but being tired makes it less wonderful and the sun gets really hot about noon. We got in about 3:30.

This city is lovely. More to come about Salamanca.

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