Thursday, September 20, 2012

Communal Dinner, Sunrise on the Trail, Flies, Rest

The communal dinner at the albergue last night included fresh tomato salad, local sausages, potatoes (not french fries!), liver!!!!, local melon, and conversation with pilgrims from Denmark, Finland, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Switzerland. We cleaned up and washed dishes with the Swiss man and Italian woman.

It was cool enough for long sleeves when we hit the trail at 7:45. The first 8 miles through gently rolling farmland was beautiful. The next 4 up a steep, rocky ridge were horrid. Flies landed on us like we were cattle or horses and I longed for a swishy tail.

Then it got really hot and we caught a cab for the final 8 miles to town. No reason to be miserable, right?


Marie said...

We currently live in Palm Coast, FL and are now in Seville enjoying the city for a couple of days, before starting our journey to Santiago. Enjoying your blog and hoping our feet and bodies are upto the challenge. It's still awful hot in Seville.

Col (Col Reads) said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I think the cab ride is particularly sane!

Peg said...

I hope your Camino is wonderful. We have enjoyed it mOre as we got farther north. This week the weather here north of SalManca seems to be headed for a lot colder and wetter! We may go from sun stroke to chilled ;) ah nature

Peg said...

Thanks for the comment. A taxi seemed like a great idea to us. This Camino needs to be a joy!