Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It Keeps Getting Nicer and Nicer

This morning when we left our albergue, it was down right cool outdoors. No complaints from us. The trail was through farmland with sheep, cattle, and horses all day. We walked on wide, level, packed dirt roads lined be stone walls. Trees shaded the road some of the time. The sun shone bright but the coolness and breeze stayed with us all 12 or so miles. There was even a cafe bar at about mile 7...with a clean bathroom.

We are now resting at an albergue that is sort of a Camino legend. It was founded and is still the domain of a local priest who is reputed to be quite the character. We'll meet him at the communal dinner.

The American Pilgrims on the Camino provides some support here and we have a tiny room in "American House".

The photos show today's trail and this albergue.

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