Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Roman Baths, Cool Temps, Horses, Cattle, and a Roman Road

The Via de la Plata is beginning to pay us back for those first hot, hard days.

Yesterday I found that pilgrims get special treatment at the spa in Banos so I spent much of the afternoon in the pool pictured below. Sweet.

We left town this morning as a gentle shower was ending, climbed a well built trail up a long way, followed a Roman road for about 8 miles through much changed and more attractive landscape which we shared with horses and cattle but seldom with traffic. Now we are at a nice albergue and chatting with a young Danish pilgrim fresh from 3 years in Silicon Valley where he founded a company. We're learning a lot about venture capital.

Dinner will be a home cooked one here at the albergue.

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