Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Prettiest Walk Yet

Low 40s with 20-30 mph winds this morning as we left our fun albergue about 8:30. We (us, the Canadian, and the Hungarians) spent yesterday evening enjoying pthe homemade wine of the albergue owner and his stories of breeding Arabian horses and opening the albergue in August. Never let it be said that having no common language makes communication impossible. We used the I-translate app to go from Spanish to Hungarian to English all evening. Great fun.

The photos show how lovely our walk was today. What a change..mid80s last week and blazing sun to downright cold this week and dramatic cloudiness.

On the trail we saw 2 foxes, kite (not a swallowtail but equally big), a big, loose, barking, black, sheep dog with sheep ... but happily he wanted to bite only passing cars, not pilgrims, corn fields in irrigation, sunflower field ready for harvest, vast panoramic vistas ... And not many hills. Perfect.

Two albergues in this town ... bonanza ... but one had smelly bathrooms. We are in the other one with 5 bunk beds. So far 4 men...Russ , our Canadian friend, a Frenchmen, and a Spaniard plus me. We each get a lower bunk :)

Tomorrow ... Zamora.

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