Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Camino Keeps Hitting Us With the Unexpected

Under threatening, ominous, low-hanging clouds we ventured out into, believe it or not, a cold, windy morning at 8:00. It was still quite dark.

We had stayed up talking with the 10 roommates in the 8-bed albergue long past dark. The Irish couple pulled the 8th mattress off the bunk and slept together on it on the living room floor. The Japanese pilgrim curled himself into the settee...better than an airplane seat, said he.

It was still dark when we all stirred about 7:30. We got on the trail about 8:00. It was a gradual and relentless 12 mile hike over rolling hills and took us about 5 hours. It would have been better with a cafe bar along the way or some smashing scenery. But it was pretty much just a long walk.

We are in El Cubo del Vino which is tiny. We stopped at the first albergue and paid 24€ for a room with two lumpy beds. The Hungarians and the Canadian are also here. We had our pilgrim dinner with them in town. The Hungarians treated us to guappo.

Now it is siesta time. At 5:00 the stores will reopen and we will buy ingredientS for an evening fiesta. It is still cold and blowing at about 30mph. Rain is forecast. A few days ago we were suffering heat stroke. What next??

The photos show the trail today and our albergue under the day's dramatic sky.

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